The Drastik Measure w/Indie and Dev Alex Preview of NS2 Combat


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Like A Shooting Star – The Fall *PC* Review

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We’re back, with the final game in our Halloween line-up for 2014: The Fall! An exploration-based 2D adventure game, you play the part of a robotic intelligence housed in a pilot suit. Said pilot came crashing out of space, and

I See Dead People! – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter *PC* Review


We’re back with another review, taking a look at The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. A mystery game, you play the part of Paul Prospero, a detective of the occult, who travels to Red Creek Valley after receiving a disturbing letter

Shamanistic Self Soul Ripping! – Whispering Willows *PC* Reviews

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We return with another game for Halloween: Whispering Willows! In Whispering Willows you play the role of a girl running out of the house to an ancient mansion. See, her dad vanished there, so she wants to find him. Mum

Minecraftian Dungeon Crawling! – Eldritch *PC* Review

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We’re returning once more, today with Eldritch! A first person action game inspired by Lovecraft, you’re stuck in a strange world, starting off in a library filled with books that can transport you to ever stranger worlds. With fish-lipped people.

Evil Dead 4: The Video Game? – Chainsaw Warrior *PC* Review

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We’re back with yet another Halloween title. Today, Chainsaw Warrior! A card-based game, developed by Auroch Digital, it brings this Games Workshop title to life on PC. The concept and story are relatively simple: You are a super-soldier, and New

Wet & Deep – FarSky *PC* Review

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We’re reviewing yet another game (big shocker, we know) tonight: FarSky! A crafting survival game, this time with the twist of being stuck underwater. Your main goal in the adventure mode concerns the fact that your submarine has literally shaken

Not Neil Gaiman’s Finest Hour – Wayward Manor *PC* Review

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We’re back for Halloween, with Wayward Manor! A game that especially piqued Lasharus’ interest, given the credit to Neil Gaiman for the writing and narration. The game concerns you, the protagonist, as a ghost haunting the Wayward Mansion, and the

Dark Swans and Hidden Objects! – Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan *PC* Review

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Today, we’re back for Halloween with Grim Legends 2 – the Song of the Dark Swan Yeah, Swans are scary now, for the purposes of this review. There’s not too much new to be said about the game. It’s a

Not As Much Of A Snooze Fest As The Title Implies – Dreaming Sarah *PC* Preview

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We’re back for Halloween, today playing Dreaming Sarah! We’re previewing this one, given that it’s still in Early Access, but we quite liked what we saw. Essentially, you play as Sarah inside Sarah’s mindscape. She’s in a coma, and your