Never Forget, Never Surrender: The Indie Army Stream Team Battles Alzheimer’s

We Touch Games – Toren (PC) Review


Toren PC Review by Lolinia of We Touch Games Developer: Swordtales Publisher: Versus Evil Genre: Adventure, Action Toren is absolutely breathtaking. The visuals create a story that words cannot truly express. The slight puzzle nature of getting things stimulates the

Exostorm (PC) Review by DFT


Exostorm Review for PC by DFT Developer: Midnight Oil Games, LLC Publisher: Midnight Oil Games, LLC Genre: Action, Shmup Exostorm is a reasonable entry point for people interested in these types of games, but seasoned fans of the genre will

Steredenn (PC) Preview by DFT


Steredenn PC Preview by DFT Developer: Pixelnest Studio Publisher: Plug In Digital Genre:Action, Shmup Graphics: Visually, while pixel art may have become overused over the years with indie games striving for that retro feel, if you’re going to do it do

We Touch Games – Bunker PC Review


Bunker: The Underground Game PC Review by BoxCat of We Touch Games Developer: Nightly Studios Publisher: 2tainment Genre: Adventure Bunker is a throwback to the point and click adventure games of yesteryear. What it lacks in graphical luster it does

We Touch Games – CrossCode (PC) Preview


CrossCode PC Preview by BoxCat of We Touch Games Developer: Radical Fish Games Publisher: Deck13 Interactive GmbH, Deck13 Genre: RPG, Action Ever fancied playing a game for real..No I mean like it taking place in the realm world. Then welcome

We Touch Games – Nevermind (PC) Preview


Nevermind PC (P)Review by Elexinia of We Touch Games Developer: Flying Mollusk Publisher: Flying Mollusk Genre: Adventure, Horror, Puzzle Pros: Very well designed. The suspense I got with out the Heart rate device still spooked me out! Cons: I honestly could

Galacide (PC) (P)Review by DFT


Galacide PC (P)Review by DFT (DaddyFunkTastic) Developer: Puny Human Publisher: Puny Human Genre: Action – Shmup First off there’s a surprising level of customization for what could have been a basic set of options: A master audio slider, with separate music

Steam Vs Other DRM for Lower/Higher Cost – Game giveaway to those who comment

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Hello Everyone! Draul here! I have been thinking the last few weeks. Nay… months. Am I the only one who is willing to wait for a sale or just spend more to get a game on steam instead of saving

We Touch Games – Rebel Galaxy (PC) Preview


Rebel Galaxy PC Preview by: Ian “Aegon” Blacker Developer: Double Damage Games Publisher: Double Damage Games Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Simulation (Space Flight) A young pilot looking for his sister, a strange ancient device she left behind, and a galaxy that

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