VoidExpanse (PC) P-…. Err Review ?


  VoidExpanse is a Action, RPG set in a Sci-fi setting in an open world. The game is pretty great and is releasing to steam within the next few days. The game itself feels similar to other games such as

Purgatory… Purgatory…….. Purgatory:War of the Damned (PC) Preview


Purgatory: War of the Damned is a multiplayer first person shooter with RPG style character progression developed by Ironsun Studios and published by KISS LTD. The game is in early access on steam and It is very obvious from the

Draul’s Thoughts – Steam Greenlight


Steam launched Greenlight in August of 2012. The idea is an amazing idea. The concept of Greenlight is fantastic. Recently I constantly hear how Valve/Steam is already wanting to put an end to Greenlight. I think that is a bad

Otherland Closed Beta Key giveaway


Otherland MMORPG Closed Beta Key Giveaway Otherland is a full-scale Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game based on the highly acclaimed novels of Tad Williams. Embark on exiting adventures in a virtual multiverse of worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi

Server Updates

After finding out of the recent changes to Grav, our server is no longer fully supported for all of the games features. We do not want to host a server for you guys if you can’t play the current game

30 Slot DAYZ server is UP!!!


We  now have a Dedicated 30 slot dayz server hosted by our awesome sponsor Vilayer.com !   http://thedrastikmeasure.com/the-drastik-measure-dayz-standalone-dedicated-server/   Also special thanks to Lucky_Misfit whom gifted Draul DayZ Standalone!

G2A , Stealing. False Advertising.

I have been a long time customer of G2A. With their new weekly deals you will see this image.  No link on the image so there are no further details listed. It clearly says G2A SHIELD, and Make a purchase

Bit Dungeon II (PC) Review


Bit Dungeon II is an action rpg rogue-like and hell lets also throw in there souls-like. Yes souls-like is a thing now. That means it is LIKE Dark Souls / Demon Souls.  The game is developed by KintoGames aka a

Crawling, Crawling, Crawling in the Dungeon. – Dark Quest *PC* Review


Today, we’re having a look at the game Dark Quest! A title in which you play as three characters at the same time, taking turns to explore dungeons and defeat some dark wizard person. Sadly, this guy’s a bit fickle,

Why would it have you collect SOCKS…? – 2Fast4Gnomz *3DS* Review


Today, we run our way through a high-speed running-jumping game: 2 Fast 4 Gnomz! Spelling Optional! A game in which you don’t actually do the running, which is handled by the game. You have to jump and use a number