Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (PS4) Review by Ashbashs 


Saints Row Iv: Re-Elected Platform played on: PS4 Developer: Volition Genre: Action-Adventure —————————————————————————————————————————————— Saints Row 4 is one of the Triple “A” Games starting off the year of 2015. Re-elected, is just like the dlc for it and, and if you

Dying, dying, and dying some more! – VVVVVV *PC* Review


Today, we’re playing the 8-bit master of gravity-swapping, VVVVVV! A platformer with a twist, you can’t actually jump in this one. Basically, all you can do is run around like a madman, and invert gravity to run around on the

Brutal… Bloody… Brilliant! Death Skid Marks PC Review!


Game: Death Skid Marks Developer: Studio Whisky Tango Platform: PC (STEAM) Genre: Indie, Action, RPG (Rogue-Like) Were gonna do this one like the old days… When we use to rant about random shit before getting to the actual review? Why…

StoryTime! Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! Review by Lolinia


  Lolinia’s first StoryTime (Review of Visual Novels genre).

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Why Are Temples ALWAYS Mazes!? – La-Mulana *PC* Review

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Today, we’re having a look at a remastered classic title: La-Mulana! An old puzzle-platformer, recently completely remastered in glorious pixellated HD, this game will have you rubbing your head in complete and utter confusion on more than one occasion. Essentially,

Huge Mechs versus Huge Mechs, what could go wrong? – Project Nimbus *PC* Preview


Today, we’re having a look at the Early Access version of Project Nimbus! A mech-warrior style game, you control huge-ass mechs with a preposterous loadout of overpowered weapons. This sounds awesome, but sadly, your opponents have more health and similar

Hidden Objects in a Hidden Object Game!? – Demon Hunter: Chronicles From Beyond *PC* Review


Today, we’re having a look at Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond! This game is a Hidden Object Game, so hardcore gamers beware! Actually, hardcore gamers should still have a look, but possibly not this one. See the video and this

Oh Balls… – iO *PC* Review


Today, we’re playing iO, a puzzle game based on momentum and size. In the game, you play as a simple sphere, with the ability to change your size at will in order to increase or decrease your mass and momentum.