The Game For When You Fuck Up At FTL! – Convoy (PC) Review


We’re having a look at an as yet unreleased title for PC this time, specifically Convoy. In this Faster-than-Light-esque title, you head up a convoy sent out by a crashed spaceship to collect several materials required to repair your ship,

Post Apocalyptic BloodSports…. ON TV…. BloodSportsTV (PC) Review by LumpDizzle666


Bloodsports.TV is a 5 v AI arena game … Co-op only (which is fine by me) From the creators of Krater. Bloodsports.TV has a very fun and unique art style that I personally love. Bloodsports.TV Has 4 classes with two

Finally, Your Mage Fantasy’s Come True! – In Verbis Virtus (PC) Review


Today, Kouen and Lasharus have a look at In Verbis Virtus! A game that turns out to be something Lasharus adores, it involves you playing as a mage. And then links up to your microphone, in order to have you

If Amnesia and Binding of Isaac Had a Love Child – Hektor (PC) Review


Today, Kouen and Lasharus have a look at Hektor! A randomly generated horror exploration game, you are insane, getting worse, and need your pills. Badly. Otherwise, prepare for wobbly-vision, and a larger number of what the hell moments. Highly atmospheric,

Shaping up to be THE Indie Horror Game of 2015 – Solarix (PC) Developer Preview


Tonight, Kouen and Lasharus hide in darkness in Solarix! A horror sci-fi title, you play the part of someone without amnesia for a change. Instead, you have a malicious presence in your brain cutting out memories. That’s gotta suck. Whilst

Pixel Puzzles Now With 200% More Birds! – Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds (PC) Review


Today Kouen and Lasharus take a look at a Jigsaw Puzzle style game themed around birds! (and crabs) Enjoy Kouen & Lasharus rate this game 6.8/10 Buy the game on Steam: Review by: Kouen and Lasharus

Like Having Your Eyeballs Stuck to Binoculars – 7 Days (PC) Review


Kouen and Lasharus experience a game that could be best summed up as “Groundhog Day” meets “Fatal Frame” with 8-bit styling in this horror title! Enjoy! Kouen & Lasharus rate this game 6/10 Buy the game on Desura: Review

Things that go bump in the night – Dungeon Nightmares (PC) Review


Think you cant get a good horror experience without paying money? Think again with this title from K Monkey! A Random generated horror dungeon crawler. So good it should be a crime to be free! Enjoy! Kouen & Lasharus rate

Reign of Kings – PC Preview


Reign of Kings – PC Preview Developed  by Code}{atch Preview by Draul Reign of Kings is an action adventure sandbox survival game developed by CodeHatch. We all know of CodeHatch from their past blunder that is known as StarForge. Broken

Shall I deal you another hand? – Classic Card Games *3DS* Review


Tonight, a simpler title: Classic Card Games for 3DS! There’s remarkably little that can be said about this title, must be said. It’s literally a compilation of classic card games, ranging from Solitaire to Poker. It’s competently handled, and the