What Happens When Games Are Listed Too Soon – The Tower *PC* Preview

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Note: There is a updated version in the works for this game that is a total overhaul! We’re reviewing another game in our Halloween lineup. Welcome to The Tower, a survival horror game! The game sets out to do… something,

Styx: Master of Shadows *PC* Review


Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth game with bits of action and is described to have “RPG” elements. The game takes place in a fantasy setting set in the same universe as Of Orcs and Men. This game I

A Frightfully Good Time – Doorways: The Underworld Review


This time, we’re reviewing Doorways: The Underworld! Part of our Halloween lineup, this is a horror survival game, in which you explore various eerie surroundings, of which we only show you one. Aren’t we teases? You play the role of

Minimal Graphics, Maximum Fun! – Capsule Review

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Tonight, we play Capsule. So, we wake up in a tiny confined space, which turns out to be a mobile capsule, and what’s the first thing we do? Well, we don’t know about you, but we start staring at that

Gaming References Ahoy! – Devil’s Dare 悪魔の挑戦 Preview!

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Tonight, we delve into a preview, instead of our usual reviews. Stop looking for that score at the bottom of this text and just read it, because there is none. Yet. We’ll be returning to this later on in order

Upcoming Events!


Hello everyone! So I wanted to let you all in on what is coming up for The Drastik Measure. First up… On the 25th at 8pm est will be the return of The Drastik Measure (Show/Podcast). It will take place

One, Two, Freddie’s Coming For You… – “Knock-Knock” Review

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Tonight, we play Knock-Knock! No, not the knock-knock jokes, Kouen, sit down. A horror game set in a weird, mind-bending house, you play the part of the latest Lodger, whom we’ve decided to christen Roger, because why not. Your aim

BUNDLE REVIEW!!! – IndieGala bitComposer


This is something new. Something I don’t think you will find that commonly on the internet. A Bundle Review. We are going to start reviewing bundles. The IndieGala bitComposer bundle will be the first in our series of bundle reviews.

Spellcrafter *PC* Preview


Gameplay takes part on an overworld where you click to move your paladin character around, finding chests which contain gold, finding npcs which sell you units and npcs which give direction/dialogue to provide some ’story’ elements, and encountering enemy characters

A City Sleeps *PC Review*


A City Sleeps, I don’t know how the hell anyone can get any sleep with all that loud banging! The music… I am talking about the music…. No seriously… A City Sleeps is a music driven shmup brought to you