SUCH GAME! MUCH MOON! WOW! – 6180 The Moon *PC* Review

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Tonight, we have a look at 6180 The Moon! A minimalistic platformer with a bit of a twist – you can jump insanely high, and the top and bottom of the screen essentially wrap-around. I.e. if you jump through the

Dwarf Shortage – TinyKeep *PC* Review


We’re back with yet another review. We just keep going, don’t we? Today, we’re having a look at TinyKeep! A dungeon crawler with randomly generated maps, you play the part of a prisoner who apparently sleeps so deeply that his

Back To Your Roots – rRootage *GCW Zero* Preview


GCW Zero team member Dan ‘senquack’ Silsby has released a solid full-speed port of the popular freeware shoot-‘em-up rRootage. It is one of the first ports in the official repository to make use of the GCW Zero’s GPU. It supports

Getting you all wet! – WetSpot 2 *GCW Zero* Preview


With Wetspot 2, Dmitry Smagin surprises us with another retro game reimplementation. Originally written in QuickBasic by Angelo Mottola in 1997, Dmitry Smagin created a full re-implementation of the Wetspot 2 game engine entirely in pure C and SDL. The game, an

Phantasy Star’s Love Child – DarkEnd *PC* Review

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Today, we’re reviewing a JRPG, DarkEnd! To those of you who like old-school Japanese RPG’s in the vein of Final Fantasy of Phantasy Star, you’ll probably find something to like in this particular outing. It’s a game made in RPG-Maker,

Digging Your Way To Victory! – Shovel Knight *3DS* Review


We’re back with another 3DS review, today having a look at Shovel Knight! A retro-style platformer, Shovel Knight hearkens back to the days of difficult-as-hell 8-bit platformer insanity, and it does so incredibly well. Utilising nice graphics, phenomenal use of

Grimrock To Go! – The Keep *3DS* Review


We’re here with our very first 3DS review! We decided to have a look at The Keep, given that the game’s theme – grid based dungeon crawler puzzle game – looked interesting. For older players, this genre needs no real

Lizards Get Rekt! – Wrack *PC* Review

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Tonight, we have a look at Wrack! The game is a arcade-style high-speed FPS, reminiscent of older games in the vein of Quake or Serious Sam. In other words, expect lots of enemies, lots of shooting, and no bloody regenerating

Sonic Boom or Speed of Smell? – Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal *3DS* Demo Preview


Tonight, we actually do our very first 3DS video! We’re previewing the demo of Sonic Boom, given Lash’s enormous fondness for Dr. Robotnik (see his avatar) and the series in general. Sadly, he was set up for disappointment. The game’s

Bullet-Hell Platforming! – Outland *PC* Review

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We return to another review, today having a look at Outlast! A platform game, it features influences from various different titles, but definitely manages to maintain its own flair. It has a dual-colour gameplay system (simply red and blue), which