Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! (PC) Review by LUMPdizzle666

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Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! PC Review by LUMPdizzle666 – Developer/Publisher: Daylight Studios – Genre: Simulation   Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! is a simulation game in which the player assumes the role of a Blacksmith (potato-man) running their own

We Touch Games – Darkbase 01 (PC) Review


Darkbase 01 PC Review by Akyllah of We Touch Games – Publiser/Developer: Solar Storm Studios – Genre: Action   Upon load up I watch the title menu and think to myself how well drawn out it all appears,  However one

Below Kryll (PC) Review by LUMPdizzle666

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Below Kryll PC Review by LUMPdizzle666 – Developer/Publisher: Team Kryll – Genre: Action-Adventure     Below Kryll is a platformer – puzzler with bits of combat. The art of your character and NPC’s are cool and fun… also you are

Courier of the Crypts (PC) Review by LUMPdizzle666

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Courier of the Crypts PC review by LUMPdizzle666. Developer/Publisher: Emberheart Games. Genre: Action-Adventure   Courier of the Crypts is a retro style adventure action game. By retro I mean it harkens back to the days of 2D 16-bit gaming at

We Touch Games – Boss Monster (PC) Review


Boss Monster (PC) Review by BoxCatHero of We Touch Games – Developer/Publisher: Plain Concepts Corp – Genre: Strategy   Boss monster is a dungeon crawler… but in reverse. You run the dungeons and compete with other boss monsters to lure heroes into your

We Touch Games – Sandmason (PC) Review


Sandmason (PC) Review by CelticDragoness of We Touch Games. Sandmason is a fun sandbox game of puzzles and riddles. You are a miner for the Eranikus Mining Company  and you make your ways through the mines finding minerals. You run

We Touch Games – Vektor Wars (PC) Review brought to you by Who’s Gaming Now?!


Vektor Wars PC Review by Lolinia of We Touch Games brought to you by WGN Developer: Super Icon Ltd Publisher: Plug In Digital Genre: Action Vektor Wars was a ton of fun! When I stepped into the game, it just

Never Forget, Never Surrender: The Indie Army Stream Team Battles Alzheimer’s

We Touch Games – Toren (PC) Review


Toren PC Review by Lolinia of We Touch Games Developer: Swordtales Publisher: Versus Evil Genre: Adventure, Action Toren is absolutely breathtaking. The visuals create a story that words cannot truly express. The slight puzzle nature of getting things stimulates the

Exostorm (PC) Review by DFT


Exostorm Review for PC by DFT Developer: Midnight Oil Games, LLC Publisher: Midnight Oil Games, LLC Genre: Action, Shmup Exostorm is a reasonable entry point for people interested in these types of games, but seasoned fans of the genre will

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