Reign of Kings – PC Preview


Reign of Kings – PC Preview Developed  by Code}{atch Preview by Draul Reign of Kings is an action adventure sandbox survival game developed by CodeHatch. We all know of CodeHatch from their past blunder that is known as StarForge. Broken

Shall I deal you another hand? – Classic Card Games *3DS* Review


Tonight, a simpler title: Classic Card Games for 3DS! There’s remarkably little that can be said about this title, must be said. It’s literally a compilation of classic card games, ranging from Solitaire to Poker. It’s competently handled, and the

Let’s steal the world’s money! – 868-Hack *PC* Review


Today, we’re trying to hack our way into the world’s mainframes in 868-Hack! A simplistic game, you play as a hacker who is invading secure systems, and must strive to obtain programs to hack better, points to be pointier, and

Cute has never devolved into creepy this much. – Spooky’s House of Jump Scares *PC* Review


Tonight, we’re having a look at our very first Desura-only title! Spooky’s House of Jump Scares features you playing from a first-person perspective as you enter the lobby of Spooky’s manor. It’s a house with a THOUSAND bloody rooms. Luckily,

Bump into enemies for victory! – Fairune *3DS* Review!


We’re back reviewing for 3DS, today having a look at Fairune! A 3DS title, heavily inspired by earlier Zelda titles, this game features you, the heroine, walking about in a dress. Then you pick up a sword, lose said dress,

VoidExpanse (PC) P-…. Err Review ?


  VoidExpanse is a Action, RPG set in a Sci-fi setting in an open world. The game is pretty great and is releasing to steam within the next few days. The game itself feels similar to other games such as

Purgatory… Purgatory…….. Purgatory:War of the Damned (PC) Preview


Purgatory: War of the Damned is a multiplayer first person shooter with RPG style character progression developed by Ironsun Studios and published by KISS LTD. The game is in early access on steam and It is very obvious from the

Draul’s Thoughts – Steam Greenlight


Steam launched Greenlight in August of 2012. The idea is an amazing idea. The concept of Greenlight is fantastic. Recently I constantly hear how Valve/Steam is already wanting to put an end to Greenlight. I think that is a bad

Otherland Closed Beta Key giveaway


Otherland MMORPG Closed Beta Key Giveaway Otherland is a full-scale Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game based on the highly acclaimed novels of Tad Williams. Embark on exiting adventures in a virtual multiverse of worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi

Server Updates

After finding out of the recent changes to Grav, our server is no longer fully supported for all of the games features. We do not want to host a server for you guys if you can’t play the current game