Adorable adorable-ness! – Super Chibi Knight *PC* Preview


Today, we’re having a look at Super Chibi Knight! An adorable title, made by a team of two people – a dad and his daughter. His daughter came up with the ideas, her dad built it for her. She voiced

Scrabble Meets Cuteness! – Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey *PC* Review


We’re back with an educational review today with LetterQuest: Grimm’s Journey! In this game, you play as what might be described as the most adorable Grim Reaper in history, going through a variety of levels in which you use set

Sexy Princesses and Necromancers! – Code of Princess *3DS* Review


We’re reviewing Code of Princess today! One of our 3DS reviews, this time we’re playing an anime-style brawler game in the vein of such classics like Golden Axe or Streets of Rage. Only in this case, it’s more Japanese high

Sushi Chef’s & Sexy Legs (on Fish) – Sayonara UmiharaKawase *3DS* Review


Tonight, we’re back on 3DS with Sayonara Umikara Kawase. A platformer title, you play a young girl navigating through a variety of levels, using a fishing lure and line as grappling hook to get around. I’m sure it made sense

Are You Controlling The Story, Or Just Another Puppet – Bastion *PC* Review

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Today, Kouen and Lasharus review Bastion! An action-RPG that calls itself an Indie title, but kinda isn’t, given that they were backed by Warner Bros., this game oozes charm from every pore, from the lovely graphics to the brilliant voice

Worst FPS Ever? Could Very Well Be – Dark Apes *PC* Review


Today, Kouen forces Lasharus to play Dark Apes! A game high on the list of “horrifying crap I want to get Lash to play”, Kouen finally managed to get Lasharus to play through this awful, awful title. That’s not even

Voodoo Elvis O.o – Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition *PC* Review

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Today, we’re playing Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers! A remake of a 1993 point and click murder mystery game, this game combines classic old-school point and click adventure gameplay with a black sense of humour, a compelling story, and

Schoolgirls Ahoy! – Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! *PC* Review

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Today, Kouen and Lasharus have a look at Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls! Weird title, weird game. Fun though. The game’s a visual novel, featuring a group of students forming a comedy club, and having to deal with completely

Lost: The RPG Edition – Legend of Grimrock II *PC* Review


Tonight, Kouen and Lasharus get shipwrecked in Legend of Grimrock II! A grid-based puzzle explorer, this game is the sequel to the game that more or less brought this ancient genre back to life. Expect puzzles, complexities, and old-school difficulty

Stuck on a Island With Puzzles! – Tidalis *PC* Review


Tidalis is a simple puzzle game based around destroying blocks by use of energy beams! Which sounds a lot more exciting than it is. Essentially you point blocks that drop down in tetris-like fashion in a specific direction and attempt