Luckslinger (PC) Review


Luckslinger Review by DaddyFunktastic – Developer: Duckbridge – Publisher: Duckbridge – Genre: Adventure-Platformer Luckslinger is a 2d sidescroller where luck is a measurable, collectable and usable resource that mixes hip-hop and western styles to create a fun, yet challenging experience.

We Touch Games – Volt (PC) Review


Volt PC Review by Lolinia – Developer/Publisher: Quantized Bit – Genre: Puzzle-Platforer   Feel: Volt’s puzzle-y in some places and a bit frustrating in others, but it’s the kinda game I see myself playing for a charity marathon. You know,

We Touch Games – Kenshi (PC) Review


Kenshi PC Review by EclipseMaiden of We Touch Games – Edited by Rainer Venhart – Developer/Publisher: Lo-Fi Games – Genre: Open-World Sandbox RPG Kenshi is a post-apocalyptic sandbox RPG which coins the term “Sword-Punk” with vigor. The game kicks off

We Touch Games – The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III (PC) Review


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III: PC Review by TheUndeadLords of We Touch Games – Edited by Rainer Venhart – Developer/Publisher: NeocoreGames – Genre: Action-Adventure RPG   In Van Helsing III, the player incarnates the oh-so-well-known monster hunter Van

We Touch Games – Despair (PC) Review


Despair PC Review by BoxCatHero of We Touch Games – Edited by Rainer Venhart – Developer/Publisher: AGC – Genre: Horror In essence, the concept of Despair is an interesting precedence.  The player awakens after a cataclysmic train accident, with few

Enchanted Cave 2 (PC) Review by LUMPdizzle666

LUMPtar 1 2 - 1

Enchanted Cave 2 PC Review by LUMPdizzle666 – Edited by Rainer Venhart of We Touch Games – Developer/Publisher: dustinaux – Genre: Rouge-like   Enchanted Cave 2 is a rogue-like RPG dungeon crawler. The player embarks on a heroic journey, delving

World of Warcraft – Content Through the Years ??


World of Warcraft and …. Content by Draul World of Warcraft is a Legend in the video game industry. The game is already 10+ years old and still kicking. The game has had five expansions so far. Those being The

We Touch Games – fault milestone one (PC) Review


fault milestone one PC Review by Lolinia – Developer: ALICE IN DISSONANCE – Publisher: Sekai Project – Genre: Visual Novel First off, fault milestone one is, up to the writing of this article, the best kinetic Visual Novel I’ve had

We Touch Games – Adventures of Pip (PC) Review brought to you by Who’s Gaming Now?!


Adventures of Pip PC Review written by BoxCatHero of We Touch Games, Edited by Rainer Venhart – Developer/Publisher: TicToc Games – Genre: Action-Adventure   Are you constantly on the lookout for unique and entertaining game mechanics?   Do you have a

We Touch Games – Ultimate Space Commando (PC) Review


Ultimate Space Commando PC Review written by BoxCatHero of WeTouchGames – Edited by Rainer Venhart – Developer: Creatio 49 – Publisher: Angry Cat Ltd. – Genre: Strategy   Ultimate Space Commando is a top-down perspective, tactical RPG.  Though the graphics

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