Pixel Hunting Made Easy! – The Last Door: Collectors Edition


We’re back with another Halloween review, this time having a look at the Last Door! The last door is a retro-themed point-‘n-click horror adventure game, in which you take the role of Jeremiah Devitt, asked to come to the house

2001 Called They Want There Flash Game Back – Psichodelya *PC* Review

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Today, Kouen and Lasharus play with Psichodelya, and yes, that’s the spelling. A bullet hell shooter, this one using a red and blue ship/bullet mechanic to spice things up. Sadly, the spices weren’t that great, and a couple years old

Trippin’ Serious Balls – Morphopolis *PC* Review

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Today, Kouen and Lasharus experience Morphopolis. However you say it. A point and click adventure game that is just hard to describe… its weird art style and mechanics set it apart from the bunch, making for an intriguing and rather

Gone Home *PC* Review


I very rarely come across a game that I hate. Let alone have these following feelings/expressions: Robbery, Betrayal, Confusion, Anger, Queasiness, Frustration, Upsetting… Well the list goes on. Perhaps I fell into the hype for the game. People talking how

Goin’ Commando! – Commando Jack *PC* Review

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This time around, Kouen and Lasharus take the seat of their own gun turret in Commando Jack! A Tower Defense game, of which we have approximately umpteen balillion. Why is this one fun though? Primarily the element that allows you

Tech Romance(r)! – Bionic Heart *PC* Review

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Today, Kouen and Lasharus plunge into the technological heart of the bionic creature central to Bionic Heart! (see what we did there?) Another visual novel, but unlike our earlier Sakura Spirit review, this one is a tad more interactive, with

The Monster is NOT As Hard To Find As You Think! – The Cameron Files Secret of Loch Ness *PC* Review

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In today’s episode, Kouen and Lasharus play The Cameron Files: The Secret at Loch Ness (insert “oooOOOooo” sound here.) A point and click mystery featuring the last scion of the Scottish Cameron family, who is from Chicago (because of course

Golden Axe’s Derpy Cousin! – Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus *PC* Review

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NOTE: Some of the bugs and issues we mention in the video may already be fixed! There have been a few patches since the recording of this video! You can check the patch notes here: http://goo.gl/hViIQY Today Kouen and Lasharus

Tower Defense With A REAL Twist – Terrorhedron *PC* Review

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Kouen and Lasharus take a look at this odd but fun tower defense game, It comes with some fresh ideas we have not seen before! Enjoy Score: 7.2 / 10 Additional Links: http://store.steampowered.com/app/299720/ Review by Kouen and Lasharus

In Mother Russia Planet Discovers YOU! – Lifeless Planet *PC* Review

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In today’s video, Kouen and Lasharus visit Russia! Correction: an alien planet! In this exploration-slash-platform game, we take the role of a US astronaut, sent to another planet, that was supposedly full of life. As the title of the game